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Perfect Stove Top Espresso

Gennaro Pelliccia, our Master of Coffee shows you how.

Picture of person spooning ground coffee into a stove top espresso maker

Cold BrewA photograph of Cold Brew Coffee in 2 Glasses on a counter surrounds by coffee beans

Simple guide for making Cold Brew at home.

You will need:
1/2lb Coarsely Ground Costa Dark Roast Coffee
1 Gallon of Cold Water
Large pitcher
Gold cone filter

1. Tip the coffee grounds into a large pitcher.
2. Pour over the water, stirring to ensure that all the grounds are wet.
3. Cover and set aside to steep for 24 hours at room temperature.
4. Strain twice using a gold cone filter. This yields a Cold Brew concentrate of approx. 3/4 Gallon.
5. Mix with water, to desired strength and mix with ice, dairy, alternative dairy and your favorite flavoring.
6. The concentrate uncut is great for coffee cocktails.
7. Refrigerate after brewing and it will be good for up to 7 days, IF it lasts that long!

Top Tip: Campfire Cold Brew: Add Monin Oak Barrel Concentrate Flavor and Monin Toasted Marshmallow Syrup with half & half for a fantastic fire pit companion - all the better topped with a toasted marshmallow!


Best Iced Latte

Gennaro Pelliccia, our Master of Coffee shares his family recipe.

Picture of hand pouring milk from a small jug into iced cold brew coffee

Blue Lavender LatteAn image of a Blue Lavender latte in a glass sat on a napkin

Make a beautiful blue lavender latte:

You will need:
1 1/2 cups - Milk (Dairy or Alternative)
1 1/2 tsp - Butterfly Pea Flower Powder
4 pumps - Monin Lavender Syrup
Milk Steamer or Microwave safe pitcher

If you have a milk steamer:
1. Pour milk into steaming pitcher, add the pea powder the lavender syrup.
2. Steam until the milk is 150F.
3. Pour into a latte glass and enjoy!

If you do not have a milk steamer:
1. Mix the pea powder with a small amount the milk in a microwave safe container to form a paste.
2. Gradually add the lavender syrup whilst stirring.
3. Gradually add the milk to the mixture, stirring until it is fully mixed together
4. Heat in the microwave on 30 secs blasts, stirring in between, until warm.
5. Pour into a latte glass and enjoy!

Mocha FrappeA photo of a Coffee in a glass with cream, and chocolate sauce on top surrounded by coffee beans

Enjoy an indulgent Frappe:

You will need:
2 Espresso shots
2 Cups - Milk (Dairy or Alternative)
3 pumps - Monin Dark Chocolate Sauce
3 tsp - Vanilla Powder
Whipped Cream (or alternative)
Chocolate powder (for sprinkling)

Use a Blender:
1. Add milk, vanilla powder and 3 pumps of dark chocolate syrup to blender. Blend until combined.
2. Pour blender contents into the glass, top with whipped cream and sprinkle with powder.
3. Mmmmmmm so good!

Top Tip:

Smores Frappe: You can subsitute one pump of the chocolate syrup for marshmallow syrup for a delicious Fall Frappe Fun!