On-the-Go Menu

Our great beverage choice available at the touch of a button.

Costa Coffee Smart Café

Whether at work, the gas station, airport or college, enjoy a huge variety of consistently great drinks, at the touch of a button. 200+ varieties of beverages freshly crafted by our award-winning Smart Café.

Image of Costa Coffee's Smart Café.  The 1.2 Hot & Ice version, and the 1.0 Hot version.

200+ freshly created beverages…

Real Beans

Our signature blend of beans are freshly ground for each and every coffee to deliver an exquisitely smooth taste.

Barista Style Quality

Ground-breaking brewing technology combined with a variety of flavor options for the perfect cup.

Real Milk

Enjoy the creamy pleasure of freshly frothed milk.

Hot Drinks

Flat White

A stronger espresso poured into velvety milk.


Espresso, milk and froth. Lots and lots of froth.

Hot Chocolate

Rich and chocolately, made with frothed milk.


Smooth, freshly steamed milk with the subtle taste of espresso.

Classic Coffee

A true classic – perfectly simple.


Hot water added to an espresso. Get straight to the good stuff.


Small but intense. A strong double shot paired with our Flat White milk.


It’s coffee…with hot chocolate. Made with steamed milk and finished with froth.


A rich double shot of our signature blend.


A rich double shot of our signature blend, topped with frothed milk.


A short shot taken from the heart of our espresso.

Chai Latte

A delicately sweet and spicy chai flavor livens up our hot steam milk, with no espresso.

Iced Drinks*

Iced Cappuccino

Espresso poured over ice with layers of cold and frothed milk.

Iced Chocolate

Chill out with our frothy chocolate flavored milk, poured over ice.

Iced Latte

Shaken not stirred. Our milky Latte on ice.

Iced Coffee

An espresso served over iced water. Get straight to the good stuff.

Iced Mocha

A frothy chocolate flavored milk livened up with an espresso, poured over ice.

Fruit Iced Drinks

Refreshing fruit flavored drinks, poured over ice.

*Not all drinks are available on every machine.