The Award Winning Future

Technologically Advanced Coffee On-The-Go.

Incredible consumer experience

Combining the sounds, smells and tastes of a bustling café, the Costa Coffee Smart Café offers an on-the-go experience unlike any other. Our innovative touch screen machines are capable of crafting over 200+ barista-quality drink combinations, each served in less than 90 seconds.

Always using real milk and freshly ground Signature Blend beans, the Costa Coffee Smart Café is an irresistible coffee experience for partners seeking quality coffee.

Revolutionary technology

This revolutionary piece of machinery creates a luxurious beverage experience for consumers with little need for human maintenance, providing business owners with a solution for the ongoing labor shortage that the foodservice industry currently faces.

Smart Café Menu
Picture of NRA Kitchen Innovations Award 2023 and a Smart Café

Ultimate Convenience

We bring the café to your customers 24/7. Our Smart Café Barista is always on and ready to make your favorite espresso based beverage or hot chocolate.

Compact Footprint

Just 3ft² - it fits into retail spaces where you couldn’t otherwise have a coffee store or a barista quality offering. Smart Café also works well with other vending partners.

Great Coffee - Consistently

We freshly grind our signature beans for each drink, and use real milk for a smooth and rich taste. Every delicious drink executed perfectly.

Reliable Labor

Save on the cost of training, retraining and hiring staff. Our Smart Café never needs a break, doesn’t take vacations and learns new drink recipes instantly.

Live Data Access

Our HUB provides rich data sales reporting via an ecosystem that is unrivaled. You can be fully in control with instant accurate data. Plus it knows when it’s time to restock.

Easy Install and Maintenance

Only requires water, waste and power. Requires just 30 minutes a day maintenance, at a time convenient to you, minimizing labor costs.