Intelligent Refreshment

Crafting Autonomous Coffee

Costa Creations: Our Scalable Automated Destination

COVID challenges have driven rapid changes in consumer behavior, leading to increased autonomy in daily activities. Key factors include shifts in mobility, digital-first interactions, hygiene awareness, and labor shortages.

This has resulted in a new global market with an explosion of automated concepts throughout the food & beverage market.

A artist generated picture of the Costa Coffee Autonomous Retail store in an airportA New Wave of Coffee Development: Intelligent Refreshment

We are embracing:

  • Technology capable of matching or exceeding human barista quality

  • AI-powered machine-crafted coffee in venues previously unserved

  • Data-enabled, self-managing machines which anticipate consumer demand

  • Fast and seamless delivery around the clock

  • Opportunities for new coffee spaces

  • Data driven, machine crafted services

  • Consistent Barista Quality

  • High demand for personalization

  • Designed with sustainability in mind

At Costa, we’re leading the coffee market evolution through innovation. We are disrupting the consumer experience by tackling drink inconsistency, long lines, and restricted trading hours of traditional coffee stores, we’re transforming the 40-year-old retail coffee experience with the magic of robotic coffee.

Introducing our autonomous coffee retail store; a completely revolutionary way to serve coffee and an incredible consumer experience.

Picture of a Costa Coffee Latte Pouring into a takeout cupChanging the Future of Coffee

Quality: Exceptional barista-quality coffee with a premium design that cues freshness of ingredients. Served fully mixed and lidded, precision made every time.

Hyper-personalization: Consistent delivery to exact taste preferences, with 8 million combinations including bean and milk type, strength, temperature and flavor.

Hygiene: End-to-end touchless drink preparation in a controlled, self-cleaning environment.

Convenience: A simple grab-&-go solution, with digital pre-order and capability. Plus one-touch ordering with saved favorites.

Availability: 24 / 7 / 365 operation without need for human interaction for up to 7 days. Plus a compact footprint cafe without build-out costs.

Fully autonomous and unattended: Up to 7 days of autonomy. 150+ cups served per day. Self-cleaning capability. Real-time quality control. Self-learning.

Live Data and Insights: Our autonomous & intelligent platform, allows excellence through data insights. The system is consentingly learning through customer behavior and preferences.

Sustainability: You can sip with confidence, knowing that in the US we have invested in a sustainably sourced coffee supply. Our US served whole bean and ground coffee is only sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms - learn more at