Get to Know Costa

At Costa Coffee, we’ve always believed you need passion to create perfection. Our founders, Sergio and Bruno Costa, instilled this belief at our inception almost 50 years ago.


Born and blended in London

Since 1971, we’ve been proud to serve the best quality coffee from the world’s finest coffee beans. And just like our coffee, our story is unique.

The Costa Coffee story began when the Costa brothers, Sergio and Bruno, decided to make a great cup of coffee a part of everyday life in London. They started a small roastery committed to crafting the finest quality coffee, eventually creating Costa’s signature blend, after blind-testing 112 variations.

K-Cup Pods

Our Signature Blend

Our iconic slow-roasted espresso blend is the perfect balance of delicate Arabica and strong Robusta beans, expertly slow-roasted to create a perfectly balanced and unique, nutty taste with caramel aroma.

Our Story

As demand grows, so does Costa

From the ’70s into the new millennium, Costa’s reputation for artisan quality coffee increased dramatically. Shops opened across prestigious locations in London, and for the last 10 years Costa has been voted the UK’s favorite coffee shop.

From here, the Costa family continued to expand across the globe. There are now over 4,000 Costa Coffee shops in 32 markets and 10,000 Smart Café machines worldwide.

Throughout the many years since the Costa brothers opened their first roastery, we’ve still taken inspiration from their passion to craft the finest and richest cups.


Nutrition & Allergens

Coffee is important to us, but so is the health and wellbeing of our customers. Check out our ingredients, potential allergens and more to find your perfect cup.


Protecting Our Planet

We source 100% of our coffee from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms, and all of our paper packaging is PEFC™ certified. Costa also recycles 4,000 tons of coffee grounds for biofuel.

Human Rights

Against Modern Slavery

We take eradicating modern slavery seriously, and report under the Modern Slavery Act. Costa is fully committed to working collaboratively with our suppliers to tackle this critical issue.